I Still Remember

This album is comprised of songs that I have written whilst attending Linfield College and portrays many of the feelings that I have dealt with throughout the past few years. I've written music for a friend, I've written about stress, and I've written about suicide; all are aspects of life that people deal with on a daily basis. A lot of music on this album has to do with nostalgia, which is an emotion that is commonly felt, yet seldom expressed. Reminiscing is something I tend to do when I compose, but I try not to live in the past. While my music only covers a range of different topics here, I hope to continue writing and to expand my horizons in terms of my writing. And it starts on I Still Remember.
I also decided to include two tracks from my EP (Fade and Screw Up) on I Still Remember to shed light on where I started in terms of music and how I progressed as a musician.
PS: If you notice, there is a 9th track at the bottom of the list here... This is a bonus track for your listening pleasure! Don't worry about the 20 seconds of silence in the beginning; I put it there intentionally. I hope you enjoy!

Track List

  1. The Weight of Living
  2. Screw up (feat. Megan Michele)
  3. Little Things
  4. The Superhero Song
  5. If...
  6. Waiting for Angels
  7. Fade
  8. Outro
  9. <3

Fade - EP

My EP is named after the first song I ever wrote, and is a permanent reminder as to where I come from and that I'll never forget where my musicianship originates. As the years go by, it will also be able to accurately depict my growth as a musician while showing that I have kept to my moral fibers in terms of musicianship.

About Me

Hi! My name is Logan Mays, and I'm a 20-something composer looking to be heard while avoiding poverty!
Quite the casual lifestyle I'd say.
I use my music as an outlet and an opportunity to provide my outlook on aspects of the three L's: Love, Loss, and Life. These are topics that affect us all at some point. The goal I have with composition is just to be heard and to be relatable. Sure, money will keep me off the streets, but I don't want to just avoid being broke: I want to avoid being an artist that cannot relate to his listeners, or vice versa.
I've always worn my heart on my sleeve, and my music is no different. I'm passionate about what I do, and I hope that if you give me a listen, you'll become just as passionate about it. :)
You can buy my EP on sites listed above, or even my first album, I Still Remember! I'll also (hopefully) have some sheet music available for download sometime soon, so you guys can play along. So have a listen, and enjoy! <3